Stormy weather

Today is the 10th of September and the first snow has already fallen here in Iceland… Today we had the first storm of the season and with that there came quite a bit of snow up in the north. So not only is the summer over, winter is already here? 🙂 Here in Reykjavík we only got kind of strong wind, but no snow. In Akureyri they weren’t as lucky. The stormy weather caused some of the poles holding the power-lines to break in half leaving the city without any power for hours. We were all prepared for the bad weather, but I never thought that it would snow. I kind of wish we had been in Akureyri or somewhere else in the north so that we also could have gotten to experience the first snow of the season 😉


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6 thoughts on “Stormy weather

    • As much as I love snow I hope to see it soon as well. I just hope there won’t be too much snow too soon… Would be nice not to go from summer right into winter 😉

  1. Have seen it via Internet that you got stormy weather yesterday in Iceland. Four weeks ago i was in Akureyri with really hot weather (above 20°C). Unimaginable that there is now a snow landscape.

    • I know, it’s very hard to believe. It was a great summer here in Iceland this year, but it also went away over a weekend 😉 I hope this means that it will be a great winter! 🙂 Just don’t want the winter to start already…

    • Yeah I don’t think anyone was expecting this… But you’re right the snow does make things more beautiful. Like the view from our window of Esja is very beautiful right now, the mountain all covered in snow 😉

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