Weekend activity

Summer here is pretty much over, you can feel it in the air here. We of curse have sunny days still but they are just not as warm as they were before. So when the sun shines on us during the weekends we can of course not stay inside, we need to take advantage of the nice weather and go explore.

Sunday a couple of weekends ago we move from the apartment we were in to a temporary apartment while we waited for the apartment we would get two weeks later or so. After we had move our few belongings from one place to the other we decided that we needed to do something fun, and the sun was shining from a blue sky which meant it was time to go explore the areas around Reykjavík. Doddi knew of a geothermal area not far from Reykjavík so we decided to go check it out.

Reykjavík is the biggest city in Iceland, and even if it’s not very big you can still feel that you’re in a big city. But then you don’t have to drive far from town to feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere. I think this is very rare, and weirdly enough I kind of like it.  We hadn’t been driving for long when I saw a lot of seagulls flying above us and then I saw some weird “racks” and asked Doddi what it was. To my surprise it was to dry fish (“fiskihjallar”). We of course had to go look at it, and as soon as we got close I could smell it. To get some pictures of it I had to get out of the car and the smell that hit me as soon as I opened my door was overwhelming. It was really horrible. According to Doddi they sell the fish to Africa where they use it in food and other things, so discussing. And it wasn’t the whole fish hanging there, it was manly the heads and the bones, which made it even more weird.


Because of the horrible smell of the fish we didn’t stay longer than we needed, instead we continued on driving over “Vigdísarvelli”. Since this was a new area for both Doddi and me to explore we didn’t really know where to go and what to look at. We just looked at the map and decided that it might be nice to take the road to the lake “Kleifarvatn”. Unfortunately the lake wasn’t that special, but we still had a lot of fun driving. Since we had a 4×4 car we decided to check out a track which wasn’t really on the map. This track led us to some amazing views and to a very small lighthouse. After the lighthouse we continued on into the lava field “Littla hraun”. There the tracks started to get more faint, but we still wanted to continue on to see where they would lead us. If that was a good idea or not I’m not sure, but we did get to do a lot of off road driving that day. Even if the car we were in is a Jeep Cherokee like or big one, it’s fare from as comfortable. The ride was very bumpy and a lot of fun in the beginning, but after a while we both just wished it would take us up to the main road as soon as possible. It did take us to the main road in the end, but it took an hour or so. During that time we had considered turning back a bunch of times, but both of us felt that since we had gotten that far we didn’t want to drive the same way back, we wanted to see where it would lead us. But to anyone who feel like trying it, don’t! It’s not that great. Turn back after the light house 😉

The road over Vigdísarvelli

The lighthouse

Driving over a small stream at Littla hraun

The small stream ended in a waterfall into the ocean

So after a lot of off road driving we did get to our goal, the geo thermal area “Seltún” On our way there we saw a sign for church and Doddi remembered it as a very old church so we wanted to go see it. Sadly we were too late, the church had burned down the year before or something which was really too bad.

During our whole drive we hadn’t seen many tourists, we had seen a lot of berry pickers all over but that’s it. But when we reach “Seltún” we meet a lot of them. This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen a geo thermal area here in Iceland, but it still blew my mind. The colors in these places are so amazing, that you can walk around there for hours just looking. When we arrived at the burned out church the sky had turned from the nice blue color it had when we started our trip, into a much darker gray color and the clouds were moving in fast. There were even a few rain drops falling on us during that short walk in our search for the church. Luckily they never reached us during our walk at “Seltún”. There it was only the dark clouds hanging over us making us hurry a little to get back home again where it was warm and dry.

The geo thermal area Seltún

We end with a little LOVE


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