Honey I’m home

We have now officially moved in to our new apartment! We got the apartment last night and went back to the temporary apartment, packed up our few belongings and drove it to our new home. Since we moved during the evening we didn’t do much of unpacking last night. Instead I’ve been spending the day finding space for our things. Since most of our belongings are in Sweden it didn’t take that long to unpack 😉

I really like our new home. It’s a two room apartment with lots of windows making it light and very cozy. Since we don’t have any furniture here, we had to do with a already furnished apartment. Even if I maybe wouldn’t have picked this furniture myself for my home, then they are okay. The only thing missing is a dresser or two and nightstands for the bedroom. Even if the furniture and so on isn’t mine this really does feel like my home!

Apparently we weren’t the only ones moving in here. A wasp has decided to move in to our bedroom, refusing to leave it 😦 Since I’m scared of wasps I have surrendered the bedroom for now, hoping that Doddi will win it back once he gets home from work 😉 Even if we have a sleeping couch I prefer to sleep in our bed 🙂


4 thoughts on “Honey I’m home

    • Haha, thank you 😉 It’s not really downtown, but not very far from it. Think the area code is 105 🙂 I don’t know what to say about if it’s expensive or not… We do pay less than we did when we were living in CPH

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