Since I’ve been so busy telling the story about our Jeep trip I had completely forgotten to tell about when we went to the culture night here in Reykjavik a few weekends ago. Don’t know why they called it a culture “night” since it all started at 10AM or something and it ended with fireworks at 11PM. I’ve been to the culture night in Denmark and then it is actually during the night. This was manly during the day, but it was still nice. This year it was the 17thannual culture night or Menningarnótt as it’s called in Icelandic. I think they called it ”Welcome to my town”, but am not 100% sure. There were 350 different events all over town, but it was a bit hard to find information about the events, so we didn’t go to as many as we would have liked.

The Viking also came to town for a visit

We started by going to the church Hallgrímskirkja. This was another one of the buildings in Reykjavik I’ve wanted to go see for a long time. Of course there was a lot more people this day then normally, but we still went up in the tower. You get an amazing view over the whole city from up there. We also looked around a bit in the church and listened to the choir sing.

After our visit to the church we walked down town, and this was actually the first time I’ve been for a walk in down town Reykjavik. I know I’ve been here for over one month and so it’s kind of weird that I haven’t gone earlier. But like I’ve mentioned before, ever since I came here we’ve been very busy during the weekends and during the weekdays Doddi is at work and I didn’t want to go alone. I wanted Doddi to be with me the first time, both to guide me and also I like to have him by my side when I experience new things here. It’s a lot more fun to be two 😉 And so we just walked around for a while and went in to some places like museums and so on which were open. I was a bit surprised that the court house and the parliament were closed, would have liked to go in to both of those.

Reykjavík seen from the tower of Hallgrímskirkja

After walking around for a few hours we decided to go home and change clothes and then go somewhere to eat. This was easier said than done… All restaurants we went to were completely full! And even if we would have been able to get a table we would still have had to wait for food for 30-45 minutes. This was not something we were willing to do so we ended up at Hlölla where there were no people at all. So even if I didn’t get “real” food, we still got something to eat. For you who don’t know what Hlölla is, then it’s kind of similar to Subway I would say. After our “dinner” we went back down town to listen to the concert at Arnarhóll and to see the fireworks which were suppose to end the night. Even if I hadn’t heard of any of the bands before, the concert was still okay. There were a lot of people down town, I’ve never seen that many people in one place before, which was kind of cool. The fireworks were a bit of a disappointment. Manly because the fireworks in Akureyri are so amazing I kind of have high expectations now 😉 But from what I hear then there were like 100 out of 800 that never went off, so maybe that had something to do with it. But all in all it was a nice day/night and it was fun to see so many people in Iceland 😉


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