Hidden waterfall

On our way from Þórsmörk after spending one night at the camping place, we stopped and walk in the canyon Stakkholtsgjá. Since it had been raining all night long the colors around us were of course amazing, still we didn’t take a single picture of the actual canyon. Our goal was to see a “hidden” waterfall (don’t know if it has a name or not), but to get there we had to cross the river, coming down in the middle of the canyon, which was easier said than done. The water was freezing cold so I didn’t really want to wade, and because of my toe problem it’s hard for me to jump on stones. So when Dúddi (Doddi’s “brother-in-law”) decided to take off his shoes and wade in the freezing cold water to help Hulda (Doddi’s sister) over the river, I was very happy knowing that would mean I would probably get help to cross the river too and didn’t have to go in the cold water 😉 Doddi, as the gentleman he is, also took off shoes and decided to wade in the cold water to help me cross it by jumping on stones while holding on to him and Dúddi. But as hard as it was to cross that river, with a lot of help from the boys, it was still worth it! The waterfall was really spectacular, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Unfortunately the pictures I took there didn’t turn out very well because of the weird light. But I’ll never forget it!

Hulda jumping over the river with a little help from Dúddi

Hulda taking the few last jumps to cross the river

Doddi at the “hidden” waterfall

Where the waterfall comes down into the cave

When we got back to the river there was a large tourist group standing on the other side of the river waiting for us. Apparently the guide had seen us cross the river and so he was wondering where we went and if it was worth it. After Hulda showed him some pictures he told the group to get ready to cross the river. So as we headed back down the canyon to our cars the tourist group made their way over the river to go see the “hidden” waterfall 😉


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