Even if this isn’t my first time living abroad, this is the first time where I haven’t had the possibility of going home for a visit during a weekend or so. During my years in Copenhagen I often went home and stayed with my parents during the weekends. Guess that helped me from ever feeling homesick. Being in Reykjavík is great in many ways, but it does make it harder for me to go home and see my family. Since I know that I can’t go home I think I miss it more then I should. Some days I’m fine, and I don’t think much about Sweden. But then there are days like today when the smallest think can make me homesick. What started it today was when I visited the blog I heart Reykjavík and saw pictures from Göteborg. I’m not from Göteborg, but I have lived just outside of town before and to see those pictures made me wish I was home right now. Other times I’ve gotten homesick have been when I read something one of my family members wrote on Facebook about going to the beach. This is something I miss a lot! I love the beach, and even if the water in Sweden doesn’t get super warm you can still go swimming during the summer time. Here it’s not as easy. We have been to the beach here, but that was during the night and the water was freezing so it didn’t really make you want to jump in. In Sweden my favorite things was going to the beach and take a midnight swim and look at the sunset. I never got to swim in the ocean this summer, because before I left for Iceland it wasn’t very nice weather and so the water was way too cold for my taste. Now looking back I wish that I had done it anyways, just so that I had some memories from it.

Råå beach

Råå Beach

Footsteps in the sand

Helsingborg’s court-house

The steps leading up to Kärnan (a tower left from a medieval castle)

The medieval tower Kärnan in Helsingborg

Doddi at the beach in Höganäs at sunset

Sunset at a beach in Höganäs

Don’t get me wrong I don’t regret moving to Iceland. There’s a lot about this country that I love, but there’s also of course things I don’t like. And I think that I don’t really matter where you move, you’re always going to miss your home, more or less. Today is just one of those days when I miss it more, and the rain outside my window doesn’t really help 😉


2 thoughts on “Homesickness

    • I think you’re right, it’s not always easy to leave everything you know behind but luckily I have Doddi 🙂 I’ll think about writing something about Sweden from time to time, thank you!

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