Almost home

It’s been almost one month now since we went on our fun Jeep trip, and still I haven’t finished telling our story. We were only gone for a few days and still we saw so many amazing places and took a LOT of pictures which means that there was such much I wanted to share with you all here on my blog. But now I’ve reach the end of the story, and all that is left is two stops we made on our way down the mountains to Reykjavik.

During a stop to refill the tank we got some new friends

Doddi of course had to go and say hello

Háifoss and Granni are two super cool waterfalls located in the canyon Þjórsárdal. To really get a good view of the waterfalls we took a little walk along the edge of the canyon. During our walk Doddi told me that once when he was there he actually went down into the canyon and looking down over the edge made me wonder if he was joking, because it looked kind of steep. But then I remembered how crazy Doddi can be and realized that he probably had done it 😉 I wouldn’t want to walk/run down there. I would be too scared of falling and slid down on my stomach 🙂 But it really was a beautiful place. As beautiful as the place was it was once again very hard to take pictures and especially one of both of them together. But Doddi did his best and so we have a few pictures, none of them amazing but still useable 😉

Háifoss and Granni

On our way to our last stop we passed a sign saying something about some Viking house or something caught my eye. Both me and Doddi love buildings and to get to see a Viking house was of course something I wanted to do. But unfortunately the house was closed and so we decided to no walk around there this time, but Doddi promised me we would come back one day and do the whole tour. I think the Viking house is called Þjóðveldisbærinn.

Last stop on our journey home was to look at more waterfalls. This one actually two waterfalls coming together as one and is called Hjálparfoss. It was a very convenient one, I never had to leave the car to be able to see them 😉 I could just sit in the car and get a perfect view, while Doddi went out to take a few pictures. By this time my toes were hurting a lot, and every step I took hurt more than I was willing to admit. So when we came to Hjálparfoss I was very happy to get to stay where I was in the car with my shoes laying on the floor beneath me 😉


This was the last stop we made on our fun trip, after that we drove straight home, and when we finally got home we were both very happy to crawl into bed and just sleep.

But even if this was the last stops we made, the story isn’t really over yet, you see there’s one part of it which I forgot to tell you and that one is from Þórsmörk and I promise it’s coming soon 😉


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