Icelandic girl ;)

As of yesterday I can finally officially say that I live in Iceland! My tax papers came yesterday, which means that I was accepted 😉 I no longer live in Sweden and am on vacation in Iceland. I actually live here! Even if I moved here mentally in July, it still feels a lot more official now that I got the papers to prove it.

Think we need to go out and celebrate this in some way, just can decide how? Dinner and stuff is so boring we’ve done that so many times already. Must be something else, something special… Do any of you have any ideas on how to celebrate me becoming an Icelandic girl?! 😉


Northern lights

The Aurora Borealis/Northern lights season has started here in Iceland. I haven’t been lucky enough to see them yet, this year. I’ve only seen them once and that was on the night of my first visit to Iceland. We were on our way from the airport home to Akureyri when Doddi’s father stopped the car and told me to look out the window. Over the mountains you could see this mysterious green light in the sky, it was so beautiful and cool! The Northern lights can also be seen in Sweden, but not in the south were I’m from so I had never seen them before in my life. To get to see them a few hours after arriving in Iceland was amazing and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Picture is borrowed from here

The Zoo

About one month ago or so on our way back home after a weekend in Akureyri, Doddi and I went to look for seals (you can read about it here). Unfortunately they all seemed to be hiding from us, and we never got to see a seal expect in the distant. Even if I don’t love animals like most people, most of the time they just scare me, I still want to see seals and whales in their natural habitat. But since that wasn’t possible that day then we decided to go to the “zoo” a few weekends later. Since you’re not allowed to import any animals into Iceland then the zoo only has Icelandic animals, and is kind of small. But it was still a great afternoon spent walking around and Hrafnkell of course loved it since he LOVES animals 😉 And for the first time I got too see an Icelandic seal 😉 Even if they were in captivity, they we still super cute 🙂

But I am still hoping to get to see some seals in their natural environment some day!

Small updates

There has been some small updates to my blog. A couple of weeks ago I added a new tab on my page called Facts about me. Here you can get a little bit more information about me as a person 😉 It’s 100 facts you might want to know about me.

Today I also did a small update to the tab About. Nothing major, just a few small changes 😉

I was also considering to change the look of my blog, but it’s always so much work that I decided to postpone it 😉 Maybe I’ll do it one rainy afternoon, and not on a Sunday when the sun is shining outside my window!

A walk in the snow?

Once again we’re going north for the weekend. This time it’s to celebrate our boy who turned 7 last week. Since we weren’t with him on his birthday we decided to have a little birthday party tomorrow with Doddi’s family.

Akureyri all covered in snow, March 2011

Because of the storm earlier this week there has been quite a bit of snow in the north, and my hopes are that some of it is still there! 🙂 We didn’t get any snow here in Reykjavík, we’ve only had rain and wind, and it’s only up on the mountains surrounding town that you can see snow. Since I LOVE snow I’m really hoping I’ll get the opportunity to experience it this weekend. We’re only staying for one day so there’s not going to be much time. But a walk in the snow would be very welcomed 😉 So please let the snow still be there when we arrive!

City walk

Monday I had made plans to meet up with a fellow blogger, who had just arrived in Iceland the night before. We met up down town to go on a free city tour of Reykjavík. This of course was the day we had the really bad weather here in Iceland, so to go on a guided tour around town might not have been the best of plans, but since it was just a little (read a LOT) of wind and no rain I decided that it wouldn’t be too bad. Weirdly enough then we weren’t the only ones going on the walk. There was one English couple who had also decided not to get scared off by the weather. Since I was the only one in the group who wasn’t actually a tourist I did feel a bit stupid. They were all here for a short period of time and so they probably just wanted to get as much as possible out of their visit. I on the other hand could have gone on this walk when ever, but I pick the only day since I came here with bad weather… To my defence then I hate being a tourist and exploring all alone, and since Doddi works during the week days we only have the weekends to go exploring and we have done a lot of that since I came, just not in Reykjavík 😉 But anyway, I decided to go even if it wasn’t a perfect day with sun, and I did enjoy it. The tour guide was a bit different, and so was the tour. He gave a lot of personal opinions about pretty much everything and some of them made sense others not so much 🙂 The most annoying part of the tour was that the guide kept saying over and over that this was not normal Icelandic weather. If that’s true or not, I don’t know. I haven’t been here long enough to know for sure. But I am pretty sure that they do have storms here, but maybe not this early in the season. He at least was not enjoying the weather and decided to cut the tour short, and since it was a free tour we couldn’t really say much but I did get a bit disappointed. But after he had left us the two of us decided to continue on and do some sightseeing on our own. So we went for a walk around town and up to Hallgrímskirkja where we continued on to the sculpture garden of the Einar Jónsson Museum. After a walk in the garden we went down town again where we decided to do a little shopping instead, and by shopping I mean going in to as many stores as possible to try to stay warm 😉 After being outside for that long the wind had started to be too much for us. Even if we weren’t really cold it was just not that much fun to be blown in every possible direction 😉

Even if it wasn’t the best day to be outside I still enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun. One of the most interesting places we went to during our tour was the city-hall to look at the huge model of Iceland. Doddi and I were suppose to go look at it during the culture night, but for some reason we never did, can’t remember if it was because the city-hall was closed or not. But now I finally got to see and it was really cool. If you’re ever in Reykjavík this is something you must see! 😉

Stormy weather part 2

Anyone visiting Iceland during the summer time has come across sheep ruining around freely. When summer is over the sheep are all collected and brought back to the farms. During the winter months the sheep are all kept inside safe from snow etc. As mentioned before a storm hit Iceland Sunday evening bringing with it large amount of snow, falling manly up in the north. This has caused many problems, and one of them was unfortunately the loss of sheep. Since the farmers hadn’t yet begun collecting the sheep from the mountains many of them were trapped in the snow and had to be dug out by the farmers and rescue squad. Of course it’s hard to say how many sheep were lost, but I’m sure it was quite a few 😦 As much as I love snow this is unfortunately one of the side effects of snow falling so early in the season. Hopefully the snow will soon melt away again and not come back until its winter 😉 Then it can fall as much as it wants! 🙂


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