Today I experienced my first earthquake here in Iceland. I woke up from a loud sound when everything in the apartment moved. At first I wasn’t even sure it really happened or if I had just been dreaming. I had to ask Doddi if it was a dream or not 😉 He didn’t feel it at all, but he had read about it. Apparently it was somewhere around Bláfjöllum, which isn’t that fare from Reykjavik, and I think it measured a 4.6 or something.


8 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. I watched a programme last night about Icelandic volcanoes and thought you must be quite brave to move there! Although it is very beautiful as well of course.

    • I’m not brave, I just did it for love 😉 I’m sure it can be scary and dangerous to live here, all I can do is hope that we’re the lucky ones and that nothing is going to happen to us! It also helps not to thing about it to much 😉

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