Garden of Eden

After leaving Hulda and Dúddi we continued on towards Reykjavik. We of course wanted to do a few stops on the way and that’s when I found it, my absolute favorite place in Iceland and I’ve named it “the Garden of Eden”. It’s such an amazing place, so beautiful in every way and so peaceful.  One of the reasons why it’s so amazing is because it’s not crowded with tourists 😉 Don’t think this place is in any of the tourist books, it’s like the Icelanders don’t want anyone to know about it and I understand why. Am so happy Doddi took me there. This is now our special place. I’m definitely going back someday soon!  

On our way there Doddi told me that he was going to take me to a very special place, but he didn’t want to say what kind of place it was and why it was special. When we parked I was still a bit confused, looking around me it didn’t look very special at all. But I got out of the car and walked a little and that’s when I saw it hidden, with a these mountains surrounding it, was the most beautiful valley I’ve ever seen. The colors where so intense and it all looked like something out of a fairytale. Walking down the steps to the bottom I almost expected to see fairies and other mythical creatures hiding in the vegetation.

Doddi and I walked around in this valley for hours and we even crossed the small river to go see a waterfall. Jumping around on the small rocks in the river it all felt a bit unreal. It’s not very common that you come to such a beautiful place in Iceland and find yourself all alone. It felt so great, being just the two of us there experiencing this magical place, our own Garden of Eden.


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