Svartikrókur og Sigölduleið

When we woke up at Landmannalaugar this last day of traveling, the camping place that previous night had been covered with tents all over was now close to empty. It’s kind of funny to see that most travelers only stay in one place for one night before they move on to the next one. We of course did the same, but we were just not as eager to get going this day as the rest, probably because this would be our last day on our great Jeep trip together. Like previous day the wind was blowing pretty strong, but looking out of our tent that morning the weather still looked okay even if there wasn’t much sun. But by the time we had finished our breakfast we could see very dark clouds closing in so we had to take down our tents in a hurry before the rain came and made everything wet. We thought we had made it just in time, but when we started driving the rain never came, or at least not where we were 😉

Our first stop for the day was Ljótipollur. Doddi and I stopped here last year as well on our way to Landmannalaugar, but then it was during the evening and now it all looked completely different in daylight. Even if the colors weren’t as intense as last time I still think this is a very beautiful place. After a short stop to take a few pictures we continued on.

Next stop was at a canyon we don’t know the name of to look at a lot of waterfalls bursting out from the cliffs. This was yet another amazing place, and weirdly enough we were completely alone there. Must be that no tourists knows about this place. If they did I’m sure there would be busloads of them like there are at most waterfalls in Iceland 😉 I’m very lucky to have a great guy like Doddi who knows so much about his country and can show us so many things and place that not many know about! If it wasn’t for Doddi’s knowledge I doubt that our trip would have been as great as it was!

The canyon with no name

Me by the unnamed canyon, the only foreigner around

The big waterfall leading the water into the canyon

Since I’m having problem with my toes it was sometimes a bit of a problem for me to walk around and get to different places to look at a view or something. So when we got to places like Sigöldufoss it was really nice because we could drive all the way up to it. All I needed to do to see the waterfall was to open my door and take one or two steps 😉 Even if the waterfall wasn’t very big it was still very nice and the “pools” next to it looked so inviting. We all just wanted to climb down there and take a nice bath. But of course the water is super cold so that kind of stopped us.


The “pools” do look inviting, or what do you think?

After this short stop at Sigöldufoss our little group of four split up and Hulda (Doddi’s sister) and her boyfriend Dúddi continued their trip up north towards Akureyri, where they live, and we continued south towards our home in Reykjavik. Even if we had been in separate cars the whole time it was still a lot more fun to have them with us, then it would have been if it was just Doddi and I. So a HUGE thanks to Hulda and Dúddi for this great trip! Hope we’ll get to do more like it in the future 😉

Hulda and Dúddi


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