Entering Landmannalaugar

We reached Landmannalaugar in the late afternoon. As usual the place was filled with tourists. I had really been looking forward to seeing it again. I still remembered how beautiful it had looked the first time I was there, last year. When we arrived this day there were a lot of clouds in the sky and I was a bit afraid we wouldn’t get to see the mountains turn gold during the golden hour.

Part of the camping area

Doddi barbecuing

Even if it was pretty early and there were a lot of people at Landmannalaugar we still decided to stay the night and so we started to put up our tens and light the barbecue. And just in time for the golden hour the clouds moved and the mountains really did turn into the most amazing golden color. I think everyone who owned a camera was standing on the small hill taking pictures, which was kind of funny to see. Of course Doddi and I were among those who were standing there for ages trying to get the perfect picture, and I thing Doddi did in the end. Many of the pictures he took are really amazing. Am sure one or two of them will end up on our wall someday soon 😉

Norðurnámur during the golden hour

Since it wasn’t raining this time Doddi and I decided to try out the hot pool. Even if there were many people in the pool it was still really nice and I never wanted to leave 😉 One of the reasons why it was so great was because we hadn’t gotten to shower or really wash up since we had left Reykjavik. None of the places we had camped the previous nights had showers, which is okay. But after a few days of driving on dusty mountain roads you do start to long for a wash, and so taking a hot bath in a natural hot pool was just what we needed 😉


4 thoughts on “Landmannalaugar

    • Some of the pictures are taken by Doddi, but no we haven’t studied photography or anything like that but we do have an okay camera so that might help 😉 But when you get perfect light like this then your pictures will turn out great 😉 Am sure you will get lots of good pictures too! 🙂

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