After our short lunch stop at Örk, we continued on driving. The goal that day was to reach Landmannalaugar where we were planning on spending the night. The route we drove this day was the most fun and interesting one we had traveled so far. It took us to the bottom of a small canyon where we had to follow the river. And since the fog had finally lifted we could once again see all the beauty of nature. It really was the nicest part of our long drive, and even if I don’t really like to drive in water this was something really special and a lot more fun than usual.

The river Lónakvísl

A fun drive in the canyon

Following the river in the canyon

We of course did a few short stops along the way, manly to look at waterfalls or lakes and so on. One of the stops was at Botnlangalón. Here we did stop for a few minutes and walked around a bit. But it was still very windy and so we made it a short walk 😉 The wind was actually very strong and it made small “tornados” in the sand which was pretty cool.


Close to Botnlangalón

On our way to Grænavatn


After following the route Kattahryggir down to Grænavatn, we found a new trail that wasn’t on any of our maps and so we of curse had to check it out, but more about that in my next post so stay tuned 😉


8 thoughts on “Kattahryggir

    • Thank you very much! It’s really nice but just so you know, to visit that area you need a super jeep cos it’s one of the roughest roads we’ve ever been on in Iceland 😉

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