Skælingar, where we camped

The route we had planned for day three was the one Doddi was looking forward to the most. We were going to drive from Skælingar , where we had camped previous night, along the river Skaftá up to Langisjór, which is a long lake hidden in the middle of an old “eruption area”. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best of luck this day, the mountains were covered in a thick layer of fog and we couldn’t see much of what was around us, which was really too bad since this is supposed to be a very spectacular place with some amazing views. We saw nothing of this, everything around us was just different shades of white and gray. It’s kind of weird feeling to know that there are mountains all around you, but you can’t even see the outlines of them.  It wasn’t until we reached Örk, which is a cabinet located by a very beautiful lake which I don’t remember the name of, that the fog finally lifted and we could once again see what was all around us.

Foggy weather at Skaftá

This was a very beautiful and peaceful place, and so we decided it was the perfect place for lunch. Sadly it was very windy there so we ended up eating our lunches in the car, but it was still kind of nice and we did have an astonishing view 😉

Örk and the beautiful lake, a perfect view


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