100% Icelandic

Friday Doddi surprised me with tickets to the one man comedy show “How to become Icelandic in 60 minutes” by Bjarni Haukur Thorsson. Ever since I first heard about this show I’ve been longing to go. But since it’s kind of expensive, we had decided not to go. But for some reason Doddi came home from work on Friday with two tickets for us to go see the show that night! I got so happy I was jumping up and down like a child 😉

The show is a very funny one man comedy show in English, where Bjarni “teaches” the audience how to become Icelandic, and by the time the show is over you’re supposedly 100% Icelandic 😉 During the whole show he teaches you lessons such as how to walk, talk and drink as an Icelander. In total there are 15 lessons about being Icelandic and they are all kind of ridiculous but still hilarious, all at the same time. But I guess that if you don’t have the right sense of humor it can very well be seen as offensive towards Icelanders, but I personally just thought it was funny, and so did Doddi. Maybe all of the lessons weren’t great, like for example the one about how Icelanders walk, I thought that one was manly just weird. He showed two different ways of walking, one for the common man and one for the farmers, and they were both kind of weird and stupid. But he made it all up by talking about a lot of other funny things like for example the mentality of Icelanders, which is “you’re always right” and “think big!”And then he close the whole show with the saying “Þetta reddast” which is a very common thing to say here and it kind of means, “everything is going to work out“ or “it´s all going to be fine“. At the very end of the show there comes a certificate on the big screen where it say that you have passed and are now 100% Icelandic, or something like that. Which means that I’m now Icelandic! 😉

I thought this show was super funny, and I would definitely recommend it! It was also a big plus that it was at Harpan, because that meant I would finally get to see inside the building. Both Doddi and I have been longing to go see inside Harpan, but we just haven‘t had the time to do it, and so after the show we walked around in there for ages just looking at everything. Think it‘s an amazing building, and even if it coasted a LOT of money to build it, I still think it was all worth it. I think this building shows the world that even if Iceland had huge financial problems they never gave up! If you think the building looks great during the day, you should see it during the night when all the lights come on, it’s so cool and very beautiful. I think the lights are suppose to resemble the northern lights 😉 I could just sit and watch it for hours.

Reykjavik’s concert hall – Harpa

All pictures in this post are borrowed.


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