After driving the route Emstruleið, on our second day of traveling, we continued on to the route Syðrafjallabak. There we drove passed a beautiful place called Álftavatn (Swan lake). The lake is in a valley and the road to it comes down the mountain surrounding it. When you are high above the valley and look down it’s an amazingly stunning view that was very hard to capture in any photos. The grass seemed a lot greener and the water a lot more blue in real life. It also wasn’t as incredible when you go to the bottom. The most spectacular view was definitely from above. But I still wanted to jump in the water when I saw it. But unfortunately it’s way too cold to swim in.

Álftavatn seen from above

After the short stop at Álftavatn, we continued on and drove over the river Syðriófæra. Even if we have kind of big car I still get a bit scared every time we drive over a river or lake. But so far we haven’t had any problems. Doddi is a really good driver who knows how to drive on these kind of roads and in water, so most of the time I don’t really have a reason to be scared. Still I think it might take a long time before I get use to it. Next to where you driver over the river Syðriófæra there is a “stone bridge” over the water which is completely natural and not manmade. It’s kind of fascinating to see the water come from two small waterfalls down in to a “pond” just above the “stone bridge”. On both sides of the “pond” there are two “drains” where the water disappears into the rocks and then bursts out from the rocks again below the “stone bridge”. Once again it was very hard to capture this on picture, but we did our best 😉

The two waterfalls and the small “pond”

The “stone bridge” and the water coming out under it


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