On our second day we drove from Þórsmörk on the route Emstruleið. Luckily it had stopped raining sometime during the early morning, so it was starting to dry up everywhere. Still the rain had turned all the colors of the landscape brighter and at times we were blown away by how beautiful it was.

One of the stops along the route was Merkurfljótsgljúfur, which is a long canyon. The colors there were amazing! Some of them you could never imagine seeing in nature. Because of the rain it was probably even more stunning than normally.

One small part of Merkurfljótsgljúfur.

When we do this kind of traveling we always bring a computer with us, which is connected to the GPS in the car. This way we can use a map program and always see where we are. Since I haven‘t traveled as much in Iceland as Doddi has, I don‘t always know where in the country we are. That’s when the computer comes in handy 😉 During this trip I was trying to follow where we were driving using the computer. Since Doddi hadn‘t traveled much in this area before he didn‘t know as much about it as many other places we traveled, so I tried to use the maps to see what mountains, lakes  and so on where called. One mountain I located was Stóra Grænafjall (Large Green Mountain). Thought it was pretty obvious that the mountain I pointed out was Stóra Grænafjall, it was kind of high and it was very green. Unfortunately I was very wrong. The mountain I had pointed out was not Stóra Grænafjall, it was Hattfell. “City-girl” needs to learn how to read a map 😉

Mýrdalsjökull with part of Hattfell on the right

One mountain which was easy to recognize was Einhyrningur (the unicorn), even if I thought it looked more like a Rhino 🙂

Einhyrningur aka “the Rhino”

But even if I was off track sometimes and a bit lost, it was still nice to be able to follow a bit where we were and where we were going. And as the days passed by I got better and better at locating things. After a few more trips like this I will be a pro 😉


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