A hunt for seals

After an amazing weekend in Akureyri we took the long drive home to Reykjavik on Monday. We decided to leave earlier that we normally do so that we could make some stops on the way. We wanted to check something of my list of “things I want to do in Iceland”, we wanted to go look at the seals. So we drove to Vatnsnes. First stop was Borgarvirk, which is a natural stone formation which some Vikings used as a fortress at one point, because of the shape and the fact that it’s very hard to get in to. It’s kind of a funny story. The Viking and his men hid in there from some attack from what I guess were some other Vikings. The attackers couldn’t get to them there and so they decided to starve them out. But the Viking was so smart that he took all the remaining food and threw it out to the one outside of the fortress saying that they had so much food that they had a lot to spare if they were getting hungry out there. This made the attackers think that their plan had fail and they gave up and left. So the trick worked, and they won their fight! Kind of smart move 😉


After a short walk up to the Borgarvirk we continued our trip and went to Hvítserkur. I have seen so many pictures of this, but neither Doddi nor I had ever been there. It doesn’t happen very often that we go to places where Doddi hasn’t been yet, so it was kind of nice to get to experience this together for the first time.


We then continued our search for the seals. Unfortunately we were very unlucky and didn’t find many seals, and the ones we saw where very far away so there was no point in taking any pictures because they wouldn’t have turned out nice any ways 😦 So we got to go home a bit disappointed. Maybe we will go there again someday, but think it will be a while.


6 thoughts on “A hunt for seals

    • Thank you, that means a lot to me! I agree with you, it really is hard to get pictures of it. It looks so much better in real life.

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