Jeep trip

This week we’re going with Doddis sister and her boyfriend on a car trip somewhere in the highlands. We will see places I’ve never seen before, and also some which Doddi has never seen too. One place we’ll probably be going to is Landmannalagur. We went there a few times last summer, so this is not one of the new places. Still I think it’s a beautiful place so don’t mind going there again. When we came there the first time last year, it was close to sunset and that created such beautiful colors on all mountains around us. It was really amazing. Hope we get to see that again this time. At the camping place there is a nature bath, which I have never tried. First time we were there we were going to go for a swim, but it was just so cold that I didn’t want to, and the second time it was raining and so we skipped it. This time we’re hoping for much nicer weather 😉 But according to the weather reports, we might not be so lucky. But more on the trip when we get back! 🙂


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