Ein með öllu

Once again we went to Akureyri for the weekend. This weekend it was the festival “Ein með öllu” We went to this festival last year too, but then we only went to the concert on the last night, if I remember it right. This year we went to some more activities. One of the activities was the “Sæludagur í sveitinni”,which takes place on the farms outside of Akureyri. Since Doddi grew up on a farm there we decided to go check it out. One of the activities was a walk to the two waterfalls Geirufoss and Kálfafoss, in Hörgárdalur where Doddi is from. He has of course been to both waterfalls before, but Hrafnkell and I had never seen it so we thought this would be a fun activity. It’s just a short walk up on one of the mountains. When we got to the waterfalls a man was telling the story about how the waterfalls got their names. Of course this was all in Icelandic so I didn’t understand everything he said, but I did get the point of the stories, I think 😉 Geirufoss got its name from a female troll named Geiru, who got thrown into the waterfall by a local farmer. And the waterfall Kálfafoss, got its name because of all the baby cows that have fallen down into the water. When the cows are released in the spring time, all the small ones that have never seen the outside of a barn before, go a little crazy and just run around all over the place. The slope there is very steep and so they just fell. Think this is kind of a sad story.



One the last night of the festival there is always an outside concert and then the whole thing ends with an amazing firework show. The concert this year wasn’t as good as last year, but it was still okay. But the best part about this evening is definitely the firework show! It is really amazing, and after last year this was something I was really looking forward too, and I did not get disappointed. It last for about 5 minutes or so, and there are never any breaks. It is just so beautiful and I just love it! So if you’re ever in Iceland during this time I can definitely recommend it!


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