I’m here!

After many hours in car, airplane and bus I’m finally reunited with Doddi! Even if I was traveling for 13 hours or something yesterday it was all worth it just so see Doddi again! I had miss him like crazy and it was so amazing to see him again. Just to hug him and kiss him made me forget all that time we were apart. When I saw him standing there at the bus stop I fell in love with him all over again! He really is my dream guy!

Today is my birthday, so am not gonna spend a lot of time here on my blog. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m finally in Reykjavik, and it feel so great!!! Am super happy 🙂


10 thoughts on “I’m here!

  1. Grattis Frida,
    så skönt att allt gick bra att komma till Island och till Doddi. Ha nu en bra födelsedag och lycka till där över.
    Kram /Rita

  2. Hey Happy Happy Birthday Sweetie !!!! And congrats on being together 🙂 Party hard and let us know how later 🙂 Many many love and happiness for u my friend !!

  3. I’m so happy for you, you’ve been looking forward to this day for so long and finally it’s arrived 🙂 And what a great day to celebrate your birthday! Enjoy it, it might be your best birthday ever? 😉

    • Thank you! It really was one of my best birthdays ever! Doddi made my day really special for me. A day I will never forget!

    • Haha, thank you! I can promise you we are fare from sick of each other 😉 It’s so amazing to be together again!

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