I’m so close now!!!!

Tomorrow at lunch time I’m leaving for my Great Icelandic Adventure! The butterflies in my stomach are having a huge party. They started at 6AM which wasn’t very appreciated since I didn’t go to bed until 1AM… So I told them to calm down so that I could get some more sleep. And after a while they did listen and I got a few more hours of sleep which was very needed and highly appreciated! 😉

Yesterday I got to celebrate an early birthday with my family and it was really nice. At the end of the evening I had to say good bye to my brothers and their families and it was hard. Will miss them all so much! The only thing keeping me up now is the thought of being with Doddi again! I’m missing him more than ever today. Think it’s because I know I’m so close now, and that makes me want it so much more! But there are still things I need to do before my departure, so I will keep myself as busy as I can so that I won’t think about it so much 😉 Tonight I need to have finished my packing and I really need to try to close both bags to make sure it’s possible 😉


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