After it was decided that Doddi and I was moving to Iceland I did what most foreigners do, I decided to really learn Icelandic. Since I wasn’t in Iceland yet I decided to do this on the internet. In the beginning (before Doddi left) I was really good at it, and practiced at lot. Then he moved and I just started doing less and less. Now I haven’t done anything for weeks. So when I come I’m still not going to be able to speak to anyone, apart from in English of course. All I can do now is hope that I’m a natural talent and will learn Icelandic in just a few weeks 😉

When I moved to Denmark in 2006, I thought that it wouldn’t be a problem for me to at least understand Danish. But it was a lot harder than I thought and it did take me two months or so to really get it all. Speaking it didn’t take much longer. I still have a little accent, but nothing bad. The way I learned Danish was by listen to Danish music. Have tried to do the same with Icelandic, have listen to a lot of Icelandic music. But for some reason it hasn’t really helped. I don’t understand more in the songs now than when I started listening to them… So think I need to come up with some other method to learn Icelandic fast. Any ideas?


10 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Can you get Icelandic radio on the net? You could try listening to talk stations if music isn’t helping. But I’m sure you’ll pick it up quick enough when you get there 🙂

    • Yes you can get Icelandic net radio, and have tried it. But on the station I found there wasn’t much talking, many just music so didn’t help much. But thanks for the tip 😉 And thank you for believing in my talent to learn 🙂 Take care!

  2. I hope you’ll understand Icelandic in two months too (and I hope I will but I doubt that :))! As for tips… I watch Icelandic shortfilms with subtitles(on Icelandiccinemaonline), but only if they’re free and that’s not so often… and then IcelandicOnline ofcourse, although that’s getting boring after a while. Good luck!

    • One can always hope 😉 Thanks for the tips. Might try that with Icelandic movies and have subtitles. We do have a few Icelandic cartoons, so maybe I should watch them with subtitles 😉 I did do the Icelandic online, but got so bored with it, that’s why I stopped.

      • Haha, that might be a good idea. Since we have a 7 year old, we do have children books so maybe I should just try to read them and see how much I understand. Hopefully I understand all of it, but you never know 😉

  3. Found your blog while looking for photos of Iceland (in top 10 of my most desired places to go). Would be thrilled to see more as you move there and explore!

  4. RAS2 actually does quite a lot of talking for a radio station…hey, at least you have someone to practice with! The TV/films is also a good idea. I like that in Iceland you can watch things in English with the Icelandic subtitles, also very helpful.

    • Yeah I know it does help a lot to have Doddi and Hrafnkell. Am sure they will help me a lot 🙂 Didn’t know about RAS2, might try it. Will also try movies. Thanks for the help 😉

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