One week!!!

In exactly one week I will be in the car on my way to the airport! It feels so unreal some how. In one week I’m moving to Iceland!!! Am so exited, and I already have butterflies on my stomach 😉 Every night when I got to bed I think one day has passed and I’m one day closer to my Great Adventure. Am packing my things now, and am no longer sure if I can fit it all in two suitcases. So think we need to contact Iceland Express to see if it’s allowed to have 3 suitcases which weigh 40kg together. Don’t think my things weigh more then 40kg and that how much I’m allowed to bring. The problem is the lack of space in my bags. And I don’t really want to go out ans buy new bigger bags just for this. But if they say no at Iceland Express then I guess I will have to. Can’t leave my winter clothes behind, I think I might need them 😉 This picture is from last summer when Doddi was driving tourists. This car is not small, and still the snow is just as high 😉 So think a warm jacket or two might be recommended to bring, or what do you think?


6 thoughts on “One week!!!

  1. Definitely a jacket! And a couple of warm sweaters!! Maybe you could consider shipping some stuff if you’re not allowed to take that much by plane? Btw, if you ask Iceland Air, could you let me know? I’ll be having the same problem in two months 🙂

    • I have considered shipping some things, but it can be pretty expensive 😦 I’m flying with Iceland Express and I was not allowed more than 2 bags with 20kg/bag 😦 So will see how I’m going to solve my problem….

    • Will wear winter boots and have some extra clothes in my carry on… 😉 The car is pretty cool, it’s one of the cars owned by Doddi’s dad 😉 I like our Cherokee better 🙂

  2. So excited for you! We just returned from 8 days in Iceland — not nearly enough time to see the entire country. We definitely want to go back again soon! Such a beauitful country! Stay tuned for posts on our adventures in Iceland. But you’ll be living there so I’ll definitely keep following yours. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s going to be so great. I’ve only been in Iceland two times before. Once in winter and once in summer, but have still seen a lot. Am happy you want to follow me on my adventure, think it will be a good one 😉

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