More clothes….

I have officially started packing! 🙂 Since I have no idea when I will come back to Sweden next time, I need to pack a lot of stuff! I of course need all my winter clothes (since winter comes to Iceland in October or something), and they take a lot of space. So that’s what I started packing now, and they filled up more than half a bag :/ Since it’s still 9 days left until I leave I can’t really pack all my clothes now, if I did then what would I wear? 😉 I already gave all my old clothes away to charity. So am starting with the things I know I don’t need like my winter clothes and some of my shoes. When I opened my suitcase I also found more clothes… When will it stop? I had totally forgot about these clothes even being there, so guess it’s nothing I use any more 😉 Most of it was to small for me so don’t even know why I had saved it. Maybe I was hoping that one day I might fit into them again. If that happens, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to wear those old clothes, I would want new ones! So yet another paper bag to give away to charity.


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