Last day at work is finished. Feels very sad to leave it, but it only means I’m so much closer to my Great Icelandic Adventure! 😉 Today it’s only 10 days left! How great is that!? 10 days is like nothing. When Doddi left it was 7 weeks until we would be re-united again. That felt like an eternity, at the time. But some how the time has gone by pretty fast. Some days have felt very long, but we did it! Now we’re almost there. I have a lot to do before I leave so am sure the last few days now will just fly by. My plan was always to try to have a lot to do that last week before departure, so that I would have something to do 😉 Since I wouldn’t be working I knew that the days would have felt so long and boring if I had nothing to fill them with. I have to pack everything, buy some stuff, meet up with family and friends to say my good byes and so on.

Since I finished at work today they gave me a gift, aquarelle paint, brushes and a book about how to learn to paint. It was a really nice gift and I like it a lot! Only problem is that I’m going to have to start painting now and make good paintings so that they can see the result. What if I’m no good at it? Maybe painting isn’t one of my talents, that would be bad. I can kind of draw, but am not great at it. Would like to be better. I had told them at work that I wanted to learn to drawn and paint and so the gift was really thoughtful. Just hope I can make them proud 😉 Maybe if you’re lucky I will show some of my paintings here 😉


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