Goals are there to be reached!

When I moved to Denmark in 2006 I had decided that I was really going to learn to speak Danish and that no one was going to be able to hear that I wasn’t Danish. It took me about two months before I really understood Danish and after that it all just came very natural to me. So after maybe half a year I was speaking Danish without any problems and it really did sound like a real Dane. I always took pride in that, I had set out to do something and I had succeeded!

This year, as you all know, I moved to Iceland, and so my new goal is to learn to speak Icelandic and it will sound like I was born here! So fare I’m not doing great. I can understand a lot more Icelandic that I think I can, at least that’s what Doddi says 😉 I don’t think it will be a problem for me to learn to understand Icelandic. It’s not that different from the other Nordic languages and I can speak and/or understand 3 of them, so it shouldn’t be a problem. What I’m more worried about is the talking. Icelanders talk completely different from what I’m used to. Still this is just something I need to get use to and just learn!

Another problem with speaking Icelandic is the letters. Even if they are a Nordic country they still don’t have the same alphabet as the rest of us. They have some very different letters which can be pretty hard to pronounce. And of course I can never remember how to pronounce them… But one of the letters I’m having some problems with is not one of the “Icelandic” letters, it R. A letter which we all have in our alphabet and still it’s so hard for me to say it in the Icelandic way. They somehow roll it, and that is not how we say R in the south of Sweden. This this might be a challenge.

Even if I find it all difficult I’m still not giving up! I will learn Icelandic and I will learn it soon! I hate not being able to talk to people here. I don’t want to be seen as a tourist or an outsider, I hate that. I live here now and so people shouldn’t treat me like I’m just here for a holiday.

At the moment Doddi and I manly speak Swedish to each other. It still does happen that we do switch over to English at times, but not as much as we use to. Of course it’s okay that we speak Swedish, nothing wrong with that. But I do wish I could speak Swedish to him and he would answer me in Icelandic and I would understand him. As it is now I understand somewhere around 40-80% of what he’s saying, so it doesn’t really work yet. But like I said before, I’m not giving up! I will reach my goal once again! 😉


Busy little bees ;)

I’ve been here for more than a week now, and it still feels like I’m on vacation 😉 Ever since I got here we have been very busy, and have barely been home, so that might be one of the reasons why if feel like this is just my summer holiday. I’m sure I will settle down soon, when things calm down a little. At the moment here are just so many things we want to do, things I want to see and things Doddi wants to show me. So we keep ourselves busy 😉

This weekend we’re going back to Akureyri and probably also the weekend after that. This summer there will be a lot of traveling back and forth between Reykjavik and Akureyri, but that’s okay I guess. This weekend we’re picking up Doddi’s beloved Jeep 😉 It will come with us to Reykjavik. Think we might go for a trip on it sometime soon 🙂 Am looking forward to that!

March 2011

But like I said much going on, but will try my best to keep you updated on what we’re doing.


I know I promised you some updates after my birthday, but just haven’t had time for it, sorry. Really want to show some pictures and so on because I feel like it’s been a while. But today you get one more post with just text, so sorry for that. The memory card for our camera doesn’t work in my old computer, so need Doddi’s computer to upload new pictures and he brings it with him to work everyday and in the evenings when he comes home from work we go out and do things….

Tonight after Doddi comes home from work we’re leaving for Akureyri. This weekend there’s a family reunion at Doddi’s grandparents farm, so of course we’re going to that. Since we will be gone all weekend there will probably not be any updates here on the blog. But as soon as we come home I will try to do better! 😉 I’m sure I will have a lot of pictures to show then, so please don’t give up on me!

I’m here!

After many hours in car, airplane and bus I’m finally reunited with Doddi! Even if I was traveling for 13 hours or something yesterday it was all worth it just so see Doddi again! I had miss him like crazy and it was so amazing to see him again. Just to hug him and kiss him made me forget all that time we were apart. When I saw him standing there at the bus stop I fell in love with him all over again! He really is my dream guy!

Today is my birthday, so am not gonna spend a lot of time here on my blog. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m finally in Reykjavik, and it feel so great!!! Am super happy 🙂

Good Bye Sweden :(

In a few hours I will be leaving my home here in Sweden and be on my way to my home, in Reykjavik! It’s kind of funny how you can be sad and happy at the same time… Feels sad to leave Sweden with my family and friends. But at the same time I’m really looking forward to being in Iceland and most of all I’m looking forward to seeing my Doddi again! ♥

So next time you hear from me it will be for my new home in Iceland!!!! 🙂

I’m so close now!!!!

Tomorrow at lunch time I’m leaving for my Great Icelandic Adventure! The butterflies in my stomach are having a huge party. They started at 6AM which wasn’t very appreciated since I didn’t go to bed until 1AM… So I told them to calm down so that I could get some more sleep. And after a while they did listen and I got a few more hours of sleep which was very needed and highly appreciated! 😉

Yesterday I got to celebrate an early birthday with my family and it was really nice. At the end of the evening I had to say good bye to my brothers and their families and it was hard. Will miss them all so much! The only thing keeping me up now is the thought of being with Doddi again! I’m missing him more than ever today. Think it’s because I know I’m so close now, and that makes me want it so much more! But there are still things I need to do before my departure, so I will keep myself as busy as I can so that I won’t think about it so much 😉 Tonight I need to have finished my packing and I really need to try to close both bags to make sure it’s possible 😉

Saying my good byes

Am sorry for there being so few updates at the moment, but there’s just so many things I need to do before Monday. Today I’m having a early birthday/going away party for my closest family. Feels so weird that I’m going to have to say good bye to them all today. Would be so much easier if I knew when I would get to see them again. But as it is now then we have no idea when we will be coming home next time. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

Tomorrow comes the big problem, the last day of packing and so the day when I will have to close the two suitcases…. It’s not going to be easy, I have just too many things! I closed one of the suitcases yesterday. I had to sit on it to do it, but I did manage 🙂 Just hope I will manage to close the other one too, so that I don’t have to open the first one to try to squeeze more clothes in there 😉 But that’s tomorrows problem. All I have to focus on today is saying my good byes….