Today all of Sweden are celebrating Summer, and are dancing with flowers in their hair. It’s a day to spend with your family and friends! Unfortunately summer decided to take a break today, and instead the rain is pouring down. Not the kind of weather we would have wanted today, but what can you do. Since this is the last time I will get to celebrate this holiday in Sweden for a long time, I’m going to make the best out of it!

“Midsommar” dancing (picture is borrowd)

Today is also the day when Hrafnkell fly to Iceland, and is reunited with his Dad who has been missing him a lot! I am so jealous of him, I would have loved to go to Iceland today and be with Doddi again. But I will just have to wait a while longer.


2 thoughts on “Midsommar

  1. I hope they are doing something fun to count down the days until you come! I saw that Tom Cruise is celebrating his birthday in Akureyri – a very good reason to stay away for a couple more weeks if you ask me. 😉 Maybe Doddi can get us some behind the scenes pictures!

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