I’ve been nominated for the “‘Very Inspiring Blogger” award! My first award for this blog, kind of cool and very unexpected! I of course want to thank The Iceland Experience for nominating me.


Of course this comes with some conditions; I can nominate 15 other blogs and share 7 things about myself.

The nominating 15 other blogs is kind of hard for me since I don’t read many other wordpress blogs, but here are the once I do read:

Alexander og Pias Verden – a blog written by my dear friend Pia about hers and her sons life.

My dear u – ….our own “Truly Madly Deeply”. A true love story!

SanvarFotofun – A photo blog from my friend on the other side of the world 😉

Tokyotravelers – A blog about the life in Tokyo

Talinorfali – This woman is an amazing writer!

Five blogs, that’s all I could come up with. Do follow two other blogs, the girl who nominated me The Iceland Experience and I’d Rather Be in Iceland but they are both nominated already.

Now on to the 7 facts about me:

  1. My favorite time of year is winter. There is nothing better then watching the first snow fall! Or talk a “snow walk”. So it’s a good thing I’m moving to Iceland where they have more snow than we do in the south of Sweden.
  2. I love love love strawberries. It’s definitely one of my weaknesses.
  3. From the age of 5 until 15 I was an ok gymnast, and I lived for that sport for those 10 years. I unfortunately hurt my knee and had to quit, but I still miss it to this day.
  4. I have never liked going to school. When I was a kid and was going to start school for the first time I cried and didn’t want to go so my mother had to force me. Still I have managed to get a Bachelor degree 😉
  5. I am a day dreamer. I can space out at any time and just dream myself away somewhere. This is both a good and a bad thing. Good thing is that if I’m bored I can just “go into my own head and disappear”. Bad thing is that I some times space out when I’m talking on the phone or when I was in school and the teacher was talking. I’ve missed a lot of conversations and information because of this….
  6. I’m scared of almost all animals, but especially big ones like horses and cows etc. But also small animals like dogs or cats can scare me. Most people laugh at me because of this and many make fun of me 😉
  7. I hate getting dirty. This is one of the reasons why I hate camping I feel like I’m always dirty and I can’t shower when I want. I love taking showers, because afterwards I feel so clean! 🙂




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