The music is poring out of the tiny speakers on my computer, and clothes are laying all over the room. As I’m dancing around the room singing, I’m dividing up my clothes into three different piles. First pile is for the clothes that get’s to come with me to Iceland in suitcases, pile number two is for the clothes that I want to keep and therefor will be shipped to Iceland later on and pile number three is for the rest of the clothes. In that pile everything I feel like I don’t love and must have ends up. It will later on be given away to charity of some sort.

Have gone through all my clothes now (apart from jackets etc) and so fare I have filled three big paper bags with clothes from pile number three! Feel kind of proud of myself for having that much clothes in that pile! I’m not good at getting rid of my clothes so this has been very hard for me and has taken two days! Still I’m not done. Will go through pile number one and two again and see if there is anything more I might be able to put in pile number three… Need to remember that it is possible to buy new clothes and I do not have to keep everything! Can only bring those two suitcase with 20kg in each. So have to be sure that the clothes I bring is thing I really need and use. Wish Doddi was here now, he would tell me to get rid of a lot more of my things and that might have been good right now 😉


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