How do you fit your life in two suitcases?

Am home sick from work today. Since I have nothing to do all day I decided to go through some of my clothes to see what get’s to come with me to Iceland now, what get’s to be shipped later on along with the rest of our things and what doesn’t get to come at all. I’m like most girls, I love shopping and so I have of course an ok sized wardrobe. Unfortunately I can’t bring it all with me to Iceland now so I need to just go through it all and see what I use and what I don’t use. The things I never use and which still looks ok I will give away to charity. Was thinking about selling it first, but don’t think I will do it. It’s amazing how much clothes I have which I never use…. But still I find it very hard to throw things away, I want to keep it all! 🙂 But I can only bring two suitcases with me, and in those two suitcases I need to fit everything, not just my clothes. How will I ever be able to do it? And the sad part is that I’m not going to be able to bring many of my shoes 😦 I have a lot of shoes, but they are all going to have to be shipped later, will only bring the most necessary ones now. So that’s like five pairs of shoes or something. How will I ever survive? Hope I will get a job in Iceland soon so that I can start earning some money and can spend some of it on shoes 😉 And clothes of course, that’s also important. Packing is going to be so hard for me. I want to bring all my things! Since we don’t know when we’re bring the rest of our things to Iceland it all becomes so much harder. But somehow I have to do it, and going through my clothes is the first step!


4 thoughts on “How do you fit your life in two suitcases?

  1. And I’m sure the clothes are more expensive in Iceland than where you live so you can’t even have the excuse of just buying all new stuff. I think once you arrive you will get used to what you have and not miss the rest too much – it’s the choosing what to bring that is hard.

    • Think you might be right about it being more expensive in Iceland, so don’t think I can afford to buy much in the beginning. That means I have to make sure I pick the right clothes for all occasions and that is going to be a challenge 🙂

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