Summer or Autumn?

The summer still haven’t come back yet. Am so tired of wearing thick sweaters and jackets every day. Miss being able to just wear t-shirts and shorts. At the moment you almost get the feeling of summer being over and autumn starting. Then I start thinking about the fact that I will not be here when autumn comes, by then I will be in Iceland. Am really looking forward to seeing Iceland in the autumn, because so fare I’ve only experienced it during winter and summer time. So there is still a lot to look forward to 🙂 Am also hoping for a nice summer in Iceland. Last summer it wasn’t very warm, it was actually colder then usual, lucky me… 🙂 According to Doddi summer is manly in July and August, and I’m leaving for Iceland in July so hope it will be summer there by then 😉 Also hope summer has come back to Sweden before I leave, want to be able to swim in the ocean this year, and doubt that I will get to do that in Iceland. But I’m sure I will get to do a lot of other fun things in Iceland this summer. One thing I’m looking forward to is exploring Reykjavik. Have of course been there before, but not for very long. Hope they have a lot of fun shopping 😉

A walk at the gates of hell last winter


4 thoughts on “Summer or Autumn?

    • Have heard about it. Am not sure it counts as swimming in the ocean, but it might still be a good option 🙂 Thanks for reminding me, cos I had totally forgotten about that one

    • Okey, good to know 😉 Thank you! Maybe I will have to try it then and see if even I think it’s possible 😉

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