One step closer to adventure

For every day that passes I get one step closer to my great Icelandic adventure and to seeing my Love again! Am trying really hard not to focus to much on this and not to count down the day (am afraid it’s going to miss Doddi even more if I know how many days are left). Luckily I have a million things I need to do before I leave for Iceland, things to keep my occupied and not obsess to much about the trip. Still it’s on my mind about 80% of my day. But that’s manly because I can’t stop thinking about Doddi, for obvious reasons 🙂 Am missing him like crazy and don’t think that’s going away any time soon. It does get a little easier, being apart, for every day that passes. The hardest part is going to bed alone and trying to fall asleep without him by my side. This has affected my sleep a lot, am not sleeping as much as I should. This has resulted in me watching a lot of movies in bed and reading books like crazy (just finished one in 4 days). Good thing I love to read because otherwise I wouldn’t know what to do with my time. Can’t just lay in bed and stare into the ceiling night after night. So instead I read until I can no longer keep my eyes open and then I put down the book and shortly after I often fall asleep. Think that’s what I’m going to do now, turn of my computer and start reading my third book for this week 😉 Good night!


2 thoughts on “One step closer to adventure

    • Oh, that would be a long list 😉 I love so many books, but if I would have to pick I would have to say almost anything from the author Marian Keyes. Think her books are so good that it’s hard to stop reading 🙂 Unfortunately I haven’t read any books from Icelandic authors yet, but it’s on my list 😉

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