Falleg mynd

Strokkur, Haukadalur, Iceland.
at Geysir. Island.

Such a beautiful picture. I found it on “Ask Iceland” on Facebook. It’s one of the coolest pictures of the Geysir I have seen. We of course went there last summer on our road trip, and we have some pictures but non of them as nice as this one.


Preparations going on

Only 18 days left now!!!! 🙂 Wish it was less, but am getting closer and closer to my Love and my Icleandic Adveture, for every day that passes 😉

Have started planning what I’m going to bring. This is something I do when I’m laying in bed late at night and am having problems falling asleep. I make a list in my head with things I need to do and things I need to bring. Some night I even go out of bed to write things down, because I never know if I’m going to remember it all in the morning 😉 So the preparations for my move is in full action 😉 All I need now is for the days to pass by even faster 😉


Today all of Sweden are celebrating Summer, and are dancing with flowers in their hair. It’s a day to spend with your family and friends! Unfortunately summer decided to take a break today, and instead the rain is pouring down. Not the kind of weather we would have wanted today, but what can you do. Since this is the last time I will get to celebrate this holiday in Sweden for a long time, I’m going to make the best out of it!

“Midsommar” dancing (picture is borrowd)

Today is also the day when Hrafnkell fly to Iceland, and is reunited with his Dad who has been missing him a lot! I am so jealous of him, I would have loved to go to Iceland today and be with Doddi again. But I will just have to wait a while longer.

Hot and cold


Today we have real Summer! And all I can think of is the cold from the ice at Jökulsarlon. We went there last summer, and even on a warm day it still feels cold when you’re there. It’s of course because of all that ice and the super cold water.

I could use some super cold water right now! Have been laying out in the garden sunbathing and I feel like I’m melting away now. Had minor toe surgery yesterday so have the day of from work today, that’s why I can lay out in the sun all day without feeling guilty 😉

Mig langar þig

30 days left…

I did the big mistake today of counting down the days until my Great Icelandic Adventure! It’s 29 days left until I leave for Iceland, and 30 days left until I get to see my Love again 😦  These 30 days feels like such an eternity right now. I was better off not knowing how many days it really was, now it feels so much harder 😦 But I don’t have a choice, so I just have to make the best of my time here instead of just focusing on me leaving!

True Love

On Friday we celebrate Summer here in Sweden. I’ve never cares much about this day, it has just been an excuse to get drunk when I was younger. But maybe this year I should try harder to make this a great day, and do all of the traditions such as putting flowers in my hair etc. Who knows when I will get to celebrate this holiday again in Sweden? One more thing I’m looking forward to is to celebrate my birthday with my family before I leave. My birthday is exactly one month from today, which means that I will celebrate that day on the bus from Akureyri to Reykjavik. Maybe not the best way to celebrate it, but I’m sure that my Doddi will make the day special for me once I get to Reykjavik and are reunited with him again! What better birthday present can you wish for then to be reunited with your Love! ♥

17. júní

Today, the 17th of June, is the Icelandic National Day! Therefor we say; Til hamingju með daginn Íslendingar! 🙂 As a soon to be Icelander I should have know about this day, but since I’m having problems remembering the Swedish national day I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to the people who know me that I figured out what day it was by reading posts on Facebook 😉 Almost all my Icelandic friends have written something about this day on Facebook today. Most of them have said Til hamingju, which I think is kind of cool! In Sweden not many care that much about our national day, but Icelanders seem to care and I like that. You should always be proud of where you’re from, be proud of your country, no matter where you are in the world!