Last summer Doddi went to Iceland to work for his dad in the beginning of June. Since I was working here in Sweden at that time I could of course not go with him. I could first come in the middle of July. During our time apart we did like most people who are apart from each other, we talked on Skype. I still remember how much I hated it. It was of course great to get to hear his voice and see his face at the same time, but Skype is just not always that great. We often had a lot of problems and some days I just wanted to throw my computer out the window. When the summer finally was over and we got to be together again I was so happy thinking that we wouldn’t have to do that again…. Oh how wrong I was 😦 Once again we’re spending our summer apart, and once again we have to settle for Skype conversations. Wonder how long it’s going to take this time before I feel like throwing my computer out the window or in front of a moving truck 😉 But I shouldn’t complain, I get to see and talk to Doddi and that’s all that matters!

Doddi alone in Iceland last summer

Got some good news at work today, they want me to stay for another month, so I have work there until the 6th of June! 🙂 This really great for me and it will look good on my CV, still I feel a bit sad, because that means I can’t go to Iceland in June, I will have to wait until the 16th of July, and use the ticket I all ready have. So it’s not going to be one month until I see my Doddi again, it will be almost two months 😦 How am I going to survive that?


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