Empty bed

Last night I drove Doddi to the airport 😦 As happy as I am that he gets to go home finally, I am just as sad to be apart from him. It was so hard to sleep alone. Woke up so many times and every time I reached out my hand hoping I would feel him laying there next to me, that him leaving was just a bad dream. But unfortunately he wasn’t there, the place where he usually lays was empty and cold.

The only thing keeping me from not breaking down completely at the moment is that I know that this day, the first day we’re apart is the hardest one. It will get easier! And in a month or two we will be reunited again 🙂 Can’t wait!

Am missing you Sweetie

But until then I am going to work on my Icelandic as much as I can. If I’m going to live in Iceland I need to be able to understand and communicate with other people in Icelandic. One of my favorite way of learning a new language is to listen to music 🙂 I have listened quite a lot to some specific Icelandic songs and my favorite artist is Friðrik Dór and my favorite song is this one. It reminds me of Doddi and so this song is on repeat on my computer and in my car today 😉

How I’m looking forward to go on mountain trips in this car again 🙂

If any one is wondering how I’m trying to learn Icelandic at home, I use this internet page and it’s kind of ok. Have learned a little at least. But since my coach isn’t here any more it might be a little bit harder, but will still try to do it when I have time and energy 😉


4 thoughts on “Empty bed

    • Haha, yeah i know. And it shouldn’t be that hard for me who can speak/understand all Nordic languages (apart from Finish). Still i think it’s really hard to pronounce a lot of words. But according to Doddi i’m making progress so just have to keep at it 😉

  1. I have a couple of language CDs that I listen to sometimes. I’ve decided not to try to hard to learn it as it’s really just more as an interesting hobby than something I have to do. It has helped to be able to pick out familar words now when I visit.

    PS – love the car! I want one.

    • Was also thinking about buying some CDs when I get to Iceland. Since I’m in love with an Icelander I feel like I really need to be able to speak it and speak it well if I ever want to be a part of his family for real! 🙂

      Thanks, the car belongs to Doddi and we’ve had a lot of fun in/with that car 🙂 I love it!

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