He’s leaving

Am sorry for being so bad at updating the blog this week. But since Doddi is leaving for Iceland tonight I’ve been focusing on him and spending all my free time with him this week.

One of my favorite places in Iceland (Goðafoss) and a place I’m really looking forward to see again, soon! 🙂

It’s hard to believe that he’s leaving today, wish so badly that I was going with him. Hate being apart, but not much to do. He needs to be in Iceland and I need to be here for a while longer. As it looks now then I’m not going to Iceland until the 16th of July, which for me feels like the longest time ever. Luckily it’s summer here so I might have some things to do when I get home form work. Otherwise I would go insane…. 🙂 But two months apart is a lot and am sure it will be everything but easy. We will be spending a lot of time in front of our computers, on Skype with web cams 🙂

Need to stop this now before I break down completely. But I do promise more updates next week, as long as I have something to write about and/or some pictures to show (might not be much since Doddi is taking the camera…)


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