It’s coming to an end

Home from our weekend trip in the south of Sweden with my family. We were 6 grown-ups, 4 kids in one house with only one bathroom…. But it all went really well, and it was the perfect ending to our Sweden adventure.

Nice view, (photo taken by Doddi)

Typical view at Österlen, (photo taken by Doddi)

A perfect sunset, (photo taken by Doddi)

Next weekend Doddi is leaving for Iceland and in a month or so Hrafnkell is leaving also, and we’re still a bit unsure on when I will leave. So this was the last family “get-together” we had before we all leave, and it has been really great! So big Thank you to my amazing family! 🙂 Hope there will be more of these “vacations” in the future.


4 thoughts on “It’s coming to an end

    • Thank you, I like that one too. It was really nice with the whole family. It’s a weekend which I will take with me in mind when we leave for Iceland 🙂

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