A few months ago, before we decided to move to Iceland, we bought tickets for this summer. So our plan was to go fly to Akureyri on the 16th of July and spend 3 weeks in Iceland. But then everything changed, Doddi got a job in Reykjavik and so the tickets needed to be changed, there was no longer a need for him to fly on the 16th of July, he needs to be there before the beginning of June, And so now his tickets has been changed, and he will leave on the 27th of May instead 😦 Am happy for him, but sad for me. Once again we will have to be apart, just like last summer when he went to Iceland a month or so before me. I still remember how hard it was, and I’m sure it won’t be easier this time… Then there’s the problem of what to do with my ticket? Should I just keep it and stay in Sweden until the middle of July or should I also change my ticket and maybe fly out on the 22th of June… Decisions, decisions how I dislike them. Guess I will just have to wait and see how everything goes with Doddis job before I make and decisions at all about Iceland. But it’s hard, because this is all we can think about at the moment, the move! There are just so many decision, so many things to prepare for and a million things to do, and of course so little time to do it in 😉 But first things first, and that is Doddis trip, that’s all we can prepare for at the moment, and we only have 2 weeks to do so. Can’t believe he’s leaving in 2 weeks or so. This house will feel so empty without him. But am trying not to think to much about that and just focus on the now! Cos he is still here, with me where he belongs 😉

One of my favorite pictures from Iceland, “The golden mountains” at Landmannalaugar,
taken by Doddi


2 thoughts on “Tickets

  1. Do not worry it will be so nice to have you tow in Iceland 😀 I’m realy looking forward to it 😀

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