Photo book

During the weekend Doddi and I had a little “project” going on. We made a photo book with pictures from our travels in Iceland last year. When we got the idea it sounded kind of fun and easy, but it turned out to be everything but easy… We quickly decided to have the pages divided up into locations, and have information about the locations on the there. This sounded simple enough. But the problem was that it was kind of hard to find enough pictures for the pages. We didn’t just want to take any pictures, it had to be really good one, pictures that belonged in a book. On some pages it was super easy, others were a lot harder, and especially the last few pages were super hard. But after a few nights of hard work we finally finished it last night and now it has been ordered! Within 10 working days we will have our book 🙂 Can’t wait! Only bad thing is that we will probably get it right after Doddi has left for Iceland, which means that he will not get to see it until I come to Iceland. But at least I will get to see it 😉 A photo book all about Iceland! Am sure it won’t be the last one from there, or at least I hope so. Also want to make photo book of other places we visit and hopefully one with pictures from Sweden one day. Only problem with that is that we haven’t been traveling that much in Sweden (hardly been traveling at all) so we don’t have that many nice and cool pictures. But maybe someday we will, I hope so 🙂

The cover of our photo book


4 thoughts on “Photo book

  1. Nice. That’s something realy intresting prodject you tow have made….hahaha and hopefully you will make one book for sweeden one day 😉 hehe

    • Yeah it sure was interesting, just imagine doing something like this with your stubborn big brother 😛

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