What happened to summer?

Last week, the last week with Doddi, summer came to Helsingborg. The temperature was around 25°C everyday. It was so great. When Doddi left, so did the heat 😦 The weather went from warm and sunny to cold-ish and rain. Guess it kind of fitted my mood those first few days after he left, when I was feeling sad and blue. I still feel sad and blue, but I think I would feel a little better if only the sun would come back to me! I need the sun right now. Rain and dark clouds never makes anyone feel better. I need to be outside and not sit inside with a computer in my lap. So once again I am sending out a prayer to the weather god, please bring me back my summer!

How I miss last summer in Iceland 😉



Last summer Doddi went to Iceland to work for his dad in the beginning of June. Since I was working here in Sweden at that time I could of course not go with him. I could first come in the middle of July. During our time apart we did like most people who are apart from each other, we talked on Skype. I still remember how much I hated it. It was of course great to get to hear his voice and see his face at the same time, but Skype is just not always that great. We often had a lot of problems and some days I just wanted to throw my computer out the window. When the summer finally was over and we got to be together again I was so happy thinking that we wouldn’t have to do that again…. Oh how wrong I was 😦 Once again we’re spending our summer apart, and once again we have to settle for Skype conversations. Wonder how long it’s going to take this time before I feel like throwing my computer out the window or in front of a moving truck 😉 But I shouldn’t complain, I get to see and talk to Doddi and that’s all that matters!

Doddi alone in Iceland last summer

Got some good news at work today, they want me to stay for another month, so I have work there until the 6th of June! 🙂 This really great for me and it will look good on my CV, still I feel a bit sad, because that means I can’t go to Iceland in June, I will have to wait until the 16th of July, and use the ticket I all ready have. So it’s not going to be one month until I see my Doddi again, it will be almost two months 😦 How am I going to survive that?

Empty bed

Last night I drove Doddi to the airport 😦 As happy as I am that he gets to go home finally, I am just as sad to be apart from him. It was so hard to sleep alone. Woke up so many times and every time I reached out my hand hoping I would feel him laying there next to me, that him leaving was just a bad dream. But unfortunately he wasn’t there, the place where he usually lays was empty and cold.

The only thing keeping me from not breaking down completely at the moment is that I know that this day, the first day we’re apart is the hardest one. It will get easier! And in a month or two we will be reunited again 🙂 Can’t wait!

Am missing you Sweetie

But until then I am going to work on my Icelandic as much as I can. If I’m going to live in Iceland I need to be able to understand and communicate with other people in Icelandic. One of my favorite way of learning a new language is to listen to music 🙂 I have listened quite a lot to some specific Icelandic songs and my favorite artist is Friðrik Dór and my favorite song is this one. It reminds me of Doddi and so this song is on repeat on my computer and in my car today 😉

How I’m looking forward to go on mountain trips in this car again 🙂

If any one is wondering how I’m trying to learn Icelandic at home, I use this internet page and it’s kind of ok. Have learned a little at least. But since my coach isn’t here any more it might be a little bit harder, but will still try to do it when I have time and energy 😉

He’s leaving

Am sorry for being so bad at updating the blog this week. But since Doddi is leaving for Iceland tonight I’ve been focusing on him and spending all my free time with him this week.

One of my favorite places in Iceland (Goðafoss) and a place I’m really looking forward to see again, soon! 🙂

It’s hard to believe that he’s leaving today, wish so badly that I was going with him. Hate being apart, but not much to do. He needs to be in Iceland and I need to be here for a while longer. As it looks now then I’m not going to Iceland until the 16th of July, which for me feels like the longest time ever. Luckily it’s summer here so I might have some things to do when I get home form work. Otherwise I would go insane…. 🙂 But two months apart is a lot and am sure it will be everything but easy. We will be spending a lot of time in front of our computers, on Skype with web cams 🙂

Need to stop this now before I break down completely. But I do promise more updates next week, as long as I have something to write about and/or some pictures to show (might not be much since Doddi is taking the camera…)

It’s here!!!!

The photo-book we made a week ago (or so) came today! 🙂 And it looks just as good as I had imagined! Am so happy it came before Doddi left for Iceland so that we could share the fun of looking in the book for the first time, together.

The last picture in the book is this beautiful one of an amazing sunset

Can’t wait to make a new book, just need to take some pictures to put in it 😉

It’s coming to an end

Home from our weekend trip in the south of Sweden with my family. We were 6 grown-ups, 4 kids in one house with only one bathroom…. But it all went really well, and it was the perfect ending to our Sweden adventure.

Nice view, (photo taken by Doddi)

Typical view at Österlen, (photo taken by Doddi)

A perfect sunset, (photo taken by Doddi)

Next weekend Doddi is leaving for Iceland and in a month or so Hrafnkell is leaving also, and we’re still a bit unsure on when I will leave. So this was the last family “get-together” we had before we all leave, and it has been really great! So big Thank you to my amazing family! 🙂 Hope there will be more of these “vacations” in the future.

Photo book

During the weekend Doddi and I had a little “project” going on. We made a photo book with pictures from our travels in Iceland last year. When we got the idea it sounded kind of fun and easy, but it turned out to be everything but easy… We quickly decided to have the pages divided up into locations, and have information about the locations on the there. This sounded simple enough. But the problem was that it was kind of hard to find enough pictures for the pages. We didn’t just want to take any pictures, it had to be really good one, pictures that belonged in a book. On some pages it was super easy, others were a lot harder, and especially the last few pages were super hard. But after a few nights of hard work we finally finished it last night and now it has been ordered! Within 10 working days we will have our book 🙂 Can’t wait! Only bad thing is that we will probably get it right after Doddi has left for Iceland, which means that he will not get to see it until I come to Iceland. But at least I will get to see it 😉 A photo book all about Iceland! Am sure it won’t be the last one from there, or at least I hope so. Also want to make photo book of other places we visit and hopefully one with pictures from Sweden one day. Only problem with that is that we haven’t been traveling that much in Sweden (hardly been traveling at all) so we don’t have that many nice and cool pictures. But maybe someday we will, I hope so 🙂

The cover of our photo book